Nuke Guys Wash Bucket - White 5 GAL Wash Bucket for Shampoo

The Nuke Guys Wash Bucket is one of three buckets in the Nuke Guys 3-Bucket Wash Series, along with the Rinse Bucket and Wheel Bucket.

It's the bucket you put your shampoo mix in. With its eye-catching foamy design, you'll never lose sight of where to dip your sponge or wash mitt next.

The complete Nuke Guys 3-bucket wash range will prevent this bucket from being sullied with worn dirt as much as possible!

  • GRIT GUARD Wash Bucket
  • 5 gallon - approx. 20 litre capacity
  • extra reinforced
  • FRONT: Wash Logo
  • BACK: Nuke Guys Skull Logo


The set of 3 is completed by:

  • Nuke Guys Rinse Bucket:

It's the bucket you use to rinse your wash tool in between so you don't get the worn dirt in your wash bucket, the water design means you can always see where you dip your sponge/wash mitt next.


  • Nuke Guys Wheel Bucket:

This is the bucket you start your car wash with. A bucket specifically for rim cleaning, because the coarse dirt of the rims and brake dust have no place in your rinse and wash bucket.

Treat your car to the best with the Nuke Guys 3-bucket wash range, for a totally gentle hand wash!

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